What's Your 77 ?

At Gamelife, we help children fulfill their God-given calling ~ both within the church walls and beyond the church walls ~ While many young people are asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?", at Gamelife we ask: What's your 77?

This is a creative way of asking "what is your calling?"

This is a fun code for how and where believers will use their gifts and talents to glorify God. The first number represents the area of service in which students are called to glorify God. The second number represents the area of the world in which students are called to glorify God. Put the two numbers together and that's your "77" or your "Calling."

Tim Tebow's Calling is "75"

Tim Tebow is an athlete (area of service #7 "athlete" ~ see above), and Time serves in North America (location of service #5 "North America " ~ see above).

Henrietta Hall Shuck's Calling is "11"

Henrietta Hall Shuck was the first female missionary to China (area of service #1"church") (location of service #1 "Asia")

"What is Your 77?" / "Your Calling?"

Join us in igniting the next generation of kingdom-builders who are serving God in every way and every place by introducing this concept to your children!

Use the Code with Creativity!

Order GameLife T-shirts for your students that have the question, "What's Your 77?" on the back.

One night of your church's GameLife Midweek Ministry season suggest a "What's your 77? Night" where students are encouraged to show up to the GameLife session dressed as what they believe God wants them to serve as when they grow up (scientists, athletes, doctors, and more).

Introduce "The 77 Song" from GameLife's Champions for Eternity CD, learn the motions, and have a performance in your church's main service! Follow the song with some student testimonies about their "77," including how and where they are excited to serve God.