GameLife Member Stories

It still surprises me that every session I learn something new and it affects me. It’s fun to play the games and I always wonder: How in the world is this going to pertain to the lesson? But it really does and it always ministers to me.



What I like about GameLife is that I love playing games with my friends and then it connects to talking about God. I’ve learned that God is like a best friend and I can pray to him all the time.



The reason that I’m with GameLife, being a busy dad of three kids and working and things like that, is I feel like GameLife has this integrity that makes it so valuable to a church.



They are bursting with excitement after every session! They tell me every Bible story, sing the songs, teach their little sisters (talk about instant discipleship), and share every detail about their leaders. They DELIGHT in reciting verses. They even used their new verses when they prayed for their little sister, Lily, who was having a melt-down. It was powerful to see. They wake up surprised that the verse memorized the day before is still in their minds. Joy told me: “Wow, Mom, if I memorize my Bible, I can grow my sword! I get stronger when my sword is grows bigger.”



GameLife really changed my life. It helped me be braver with how I talked to my friends and share God with them. It also helps me bring my friends to Jesus, I actually brought a friend to Jesus last week, and it helps me know that I have a safe place to go besides home that I can go and reach out to people and bring friends and we’ll all have a good time together. GameLife helped me know what I need to do and what I need to be focusing my life on.



The way that GameLife teaches children the Word of God is in their way. It’s amazing that my nephews know the same things that I do about the Bible and they give me a new perspective when we talk about the stories. It’s a deep Bible study basically and it’s amazing how they’re learning the Word of God and getting so deep into it when they’re kids.