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Welcome To GameLife

GameLife Lessons can be used:

Any Place: Church, School, Homes

Any Time: Weekends, Weekdays, Camps

Anywhere: Indoors, Outdoors, Homes

Yes, GameLife lessons can be used as stand-alone-lessons
​GameLife is also “A Fresh New Midweek Ministry”

A three year repeating curriculum:

Old Testament,
Life of Christ, and
New Testament

GameLife supplies you with resources that are designed for each age group:

GameLife: for 1st through 5th graders
GameLife Junior: for 4-5-year-olds
GameLife Praise & Play: for Infants
GameLife Family Devotions that match the lessons in a fun seamless format

Challenge & Reward Journal with fun "Rewards"

Wristbands with a color progression from blue to gold!

GameLife Reflective Worship Songs

GameLife "Jerseys"

T-shirts for adult coaches
T-shirts for elementary children
T-shirts for GameLife Junior preschoolers

The “Jerseys” bring a fun team look to the midweek ministry

And much much more

GameLife Is a Hit!

Kids say GameLife is Fun!

Leaders say using GameLife is Easy!

Parents see Life-Transformation!

Pastors see the Church-Growing!

Be assured your children can answer 
the two classic questions from every parent
when they pick up their child(ren)

“Did you have fun?”

“What did you learn?”

“Yes, it was so much fun!
We played a game of red-rover, 
and learned about a man named Nehemiah,
and why it is so important 

to be strong in all areas.
I can’t wait until next week!”